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Donate New Toys/Books

We have our Valentine's Toy/Book drive annually at local schools, churches & libraries to benefit the children at San Jose Homeless Shelter and Next Door-Solution to Domestic Violence. If you have a large amount of new toy/books and would like to make a donation to the children at those shelters, please contact us directly.


We always welcome individuals who want to be part of "See The Rainbow" team. The only way that we could help more children in need  and raise more awareness in the society is to get more passionate people involved in our projects.

Professional Support

Whether you are an educator, artist, musician, lawyer, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, accountant, psychologist, therapist, lawyer or in any other occupations, the shelters that we are supporting would love to have you come in and support those families in need on session basis. 


Corporations who would like to donate any products, service or money are making such big & positive impacts on the lives of the children at shelters. The social awareness generated from them is also tremendous.   


Please click the link below or contact us at if you'd like to make a donation.


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